What is the Nassau Suffolk Landscape Gardeners' Association?

The Nassau Suffolk Landscape Gardeners' Association is a group representing the professionals in the landscape gardening industry. We are dedicated to the education of our members. We distribute current information relevant to our industry. We speak for and make known, where and when necessary, the feeling, thoughts, and opinions of the landscape gardeners. We support helpful legislation and oppose legislation that is not in the best interest of landscape gardeners. We strive to maintain the respect and obtain the recognition that our profession deserves.

How is the group organized?

The Nassau Suffolk Landscape Gardeners' Association is a membership corporation organized under the laws of the State of New York with bylaws that fully delineate the powers, privileges, and benefits of its members. Each member of the Association is able to vote for the election of officers and trustees who are in turn responsible to the members. The Association has committees that perform the various functions required of the Association. All of its officers and trustees serve without pay or compensation of any kind.

There are at present three chapters, one in Nassau County, one in Suffolk County, and one in W. Nassau/Queens. There exists a coordinating committee called the Executive Board, which coordinates and administers the activities assigned to it by the chapters.

Why is it important to be a member?

The Nassau Suffolk Landscape Gardeners' Association is one of the most active of its kind in existence. Among other things...

We represent the landscape gardener in matters of vital interest such as consumer affairs laws, pesticide regulations, and disposal problems.

We obtain pesticide recertification credits for meetings and other functions.

We conduct monthly meetings with a variety of speakers on timely topics. During these meetings, much useful information is exchanged between members.

We publish a quarterly newspaper containing news of interest pertaining to the industry.

We distribute educational literature and other published information of interest to the membership.

We run an annual professional conference aimed specifically at the industry with educational sessions and trade shows.

We contribute to turf and ornamental research that will be a direct benefit to the industry.

We educate our members in the horticultural field so that they can pass it onto their clients.

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