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When Mike was 10 years old, he was always eager to help his father with the yard work and watch him mow the lawn. Eventually, his Dad taught him how and it was not long after that when Mike began cutting his Dad's lawn by himself; his Dad really enjoyed that.

At the age of twelve, Mike started delivering newspapers. One day one of his customers asked him if he knew how to cut grass. Mike quickly responded with a "yes" and once a week pushed his lawnmower around the block and cut their lawn. He thought to himself that this was a great way to make money while doing something he enjoyed.

Several weeks later another one of his newspaper customers saw him cutting a lawn and asked if he could cut theirs. Once again Mike jumped at the offer and his business began.

While in high school, his business grew. He acquired all of his customers through word of mouth and neighborhood public exposure. At that point he decided he needed a name for his business and started calling it "Buddy's Lawn Service".

At the age of sixteen, when Mike got his Driver's permit, he would borrow his parent's station wagon and fill it with his lawn equipment. The thought of being able to take more than just a lawnmower was quite exciting. The blower and the weedwacker came along for the ride. A few days per week after school he would go home, load up the station wagon, and head out to do 2-3 lawns per day. Quite a booming business for a sixteen year old.

When graduation time came he had to make a decision either to continue to mow lawns and attend college at home or go away to school. Mike chose to stay home and attend Adelphi University. Once again, his business continued to grow and Mike realized he needed to hire his friends to assist him. When his Bachelors degree was complete, he decided to acquire a Masters Degree. Upon receiving his Masters, he made the decision to continue to educate himself. This time he chose to study the field of Horticulture and is currently seeking a degree in "Landscape Development" at SUNY Farmingdale University.

Since the beginning Mike has always had a love for horticulture. He has changed the name of his business to the current name which he felt reflected his growth in the field as a landscape/gardener (or as he likes to say "a horticulturist"), and a Landscape designer rather then just a grass cutter. Mike feels the difference he makes in this field is providing his customers with top quality professional service and trust. In addition, he educates the homeowner on everything from horticultural tips to legal matters.


The company uses only the finest materials.  Our fertilizers, chemical products, and seeds are distributed through LESCO.  In addition, a combination of organic programs is available.


LESCO is the world's largest manufacturer and marketer of turf care products to the professional turf grass industry. LESCO Poly Plus®  fertilizers represent the cutting edge of turf technology; allowing for a controlled release of nutrients into the soil maintaining a consistent growth habit.  LESCO offers the most complete line of professional turf care products to the landscape management industry.  





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