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Mike's Landscaping and Design also offers snow removal. Sign a snow removal contract with us and we will be there to dig you out when it snows. Contracts are based upon property size and snowfall amounts. You can also call us the day before or the day of the storm, however, priority is given to those who have signed up in advance.

The way it works is that you tell us where you would like the snow removed from (during our consultation) and we will give you a customized contract to your property size. The contracts have three different snow depths. Snow depth pricing ranges as follows:

2-3 inches, 4-6 inches, 7 or more inches. Mike stated that his residential business customers prefer having this type of "snow depth price range" because if it snows 3 inches they don't have to pay for a 10 inch removal job. Snow removal is offered in the forms of shoveling, blowing, and plowing. We also offer sanding. This helps cut down on the icing effect, which occurs after temperatures start to warm-up and then drop down again.




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